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29th May 2013 @ 14:33

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  *First name *Last name Email Organization Role
Author 2 [[box=10]] [[box=10]] [[box]] [[box]] [[box]]
Author 3 [[box=10]] [[box=10]] [[box]] [[box]] [[box]]
Author 4 [[box=10]] [[box=10]] [[box]] [[box]] [[box]]


*Procedure or Transformation [[box=65]]
*Compound(s) being made [[box=65]]
*Chemicals used (delimited by semicolons ;) [[box=65]]
*Procedure [[box=65]]
*Authors Comments [[box=65]]
Lead Reference [[box=65]]
Other References [[box=65]]
Multimedia Content [[box=65]]
*Data [[box=65]]
#Data file 1 [[box=40]]
#Data file 2 [[box=40]]
#Data file 3 [[box=40]]
#Data file 4 [[box=40]]
#Data file 5 [[box=40]]


*#Structure file (ChemDraw, ChemSketch or RXN file) [[box=40]]
*#Image file (GIF or PNG) [[box=40]]


Compounds Keywords [[box=65]]
Reactions Keywords [[box=65]]
Other Keywords [[box=65]]

[[Post_Type>ChemSpider SyntheticPages reaction]]

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