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31st May 2013 @ 15:52

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ChemSpider ID [[box=40]]
*#Name of Compound mol file [[box=40]]

Description and Tags

Description [[box=40]]
Tags (separated by comma) [[box=40]]


*Chemical Name [[box=40]]
Common Name [[box=40]]
Synonym [[box=40]]


  *#Spectrum jcamp file *Spectrum Type Comments OpenData Image or PDF
Spectrum 1 [[box=10]] [[box=10]] [[box=10]] [[box=1]] [[box=10]]
Spectrum 2 [[box=10]] [[box=10]] [[box=10]] [[box=1]] [[box=10]]
Spectrum 3 [[box=10]] [[box=10]] [[box=10]] [[box=1]] [[box=10]]
Spectrum 4 [[box=10]] [[box=10]] [[box=10]] [[box=1]] [[box=10]]
Spectrum 5 [[box=10]] [[box=10]] [[box=10]] [[box=1]] [[box=10]]
Spectrum 6 [[box=10]] [[box=10]] [[box=10]] [[box=1]] [[box=10]]
Spectrum 7 [[box=10]] [[box=10]] [[box=10]] [[box=1]] [[box=10]]
Spectrum 8 [[box=10]] [[box=10]] [[box=10]] [[box=1]] [[box=10]]
Spectrum 9 [[box=10]] [[box=10]] [[box=10]] [[box=1]] [[box=10]]
Spectrum 10 [[box=10]] [[box=10]] [[box=10]] [[box=1]] [[box=10]]


Experimental Physico-chemical Properties

Property Value Unit Comments
Experimental Boiling Point [[box=10]] [[box=5]] [[box=20]]
Experimental Flash Point [[box=10]] [[box=5]] [[box=20]]
Experimental Freezing Point [[box=10]] [[box=5]] [[box=20]]
Experimental Gravity [[box=10]] [[box=5]] [[box=20]]
Experimental Ionization Potent [[box=10]] [[box=5]] [[box=20]]
Experimental LogP [[box=10]] [[box=5]] [[box=20]]
Experimental Melting Point [[box=10]] [[box=5]] [[box=20]]
Experimental Optical Rotation [[box=10]] [[box=5]] [[box=20]]
Experimental Refraction Index [[box=10]] [[box=5]] [[box=20]]
Experimental Solubility [[box=10]] [[box=5]] [[box=20]]
Experimental Vapor Pressure [[box=10]] [[box=5]] [[box=20]]
Non Water Solubility [[box=10]] [[box=5]] [[box=20]]
Non Water Solubility [[box=10]] [[box=5]] [[box=20]]


Property Value Unit Comments
Lambda Max [[box=10]] [[box=5]] [[box=20]]


Property Value Unit Comments
Appearance [[box=10]] [[box=5]] [[box=20]]
Bio Activity [[box=10]] [[box=5]] [[box=20]]
Chemical Class [[box=10]] [[box=5]] [[box=20]]
Compound Source [[box=10]] [[box=5]] [[box=20]]
Drug Status [[box=10]] [[box=5]] [[box=20]]
Exposure Limits [[box=10]] [[box=5]] [[box=20]]
Exposure Limits Niosh Rel [[box=10]] [[box=5]] [[box=20]]
Exposure Routes [[box=10]] [[box=5]] [[box=20]]
First-Aid [[box=10]] [[box=5]] [[box=20]]
Incompatability [[box=10]] [[box=5]] [[box=20]]
Personal Protection [[box=10]] [[box=5]] [[box=20]]
Safety [[box=10]] [[box=5]] [[box=20]]
Stability [[box=10]] [[box=5]] [[box=20]]
Symptoms [[box=10]] [[box=5]] [[box=20]]
Target Organs [[box=10]] [[box=5]] [[box=20]]
Therapeutical Effect [[box=10]] [[box=5]] [[box=20]]
Toxicity [[box=10]] [[box=5]] [[box=20]]

[[Post_Type>ChemSpider Compound Properties]]

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