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5th June 2013 @ 16:32
For CSSP author roles to be included change "compound being made" to "compound(s) being made" when you save it the save button disappears because it goes under the toolbox if email address for an author is blank then don't include (Peter Scott suggested) ChemSpider allow "assignment of peaks" to be new field for spectra uploaded to ChemSpider Need corresponding (image?) field to be added to show molecule with atoms labelled so that peak assignments make sense scale spectra images that are big (see 29211612) external links id gets lost deal with v3000 mol files weird characters in depositions don't go For LabTrove define metadata dropdown in template Artifact 3614188 allow default values, dropdown lists, checkboxes and dates to be specified for fields in templatesArtifact 3614189 - ammended to add hyperlinks, links to blog posts and uploadfiles too "upload" box is awful! "Reason for edit" field is annoying