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23rd August 2013 @ 08:44

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*#Reaction file
reactionscheme_6 .cdx
*Reaction file type CDX
*Procedure To a stirred solution of 1,4-Didodecylbenzene (11.18 g, 26.95 mmol) in DCM (68 mL), in a 500 mL rbf, were added I2 (27.36 g, 107.8 mmol, 4.00 eq.), H5IO6(18.43 g, 80.85 mmol, 3.00 eq.), CH3COOH (80 mL) and concentrated H2SO4(11 mL); the mixture was heated to 95 ºC and stirred in the darkness for 20 h, and the disappearance of starting material was monitored by TLC, using as eluent (20/1) hexane/DCM . The reaction mixture was then poured in water and extracted twice with Et2O; the combined organic phases were washed with Na2S2O3 (aqueous, 10% w/v) until there had been complete disappearance of the pink colour, and three times with water, and dried over anhydrous MgSO4. Evaporation of the solvent afforded the crude title compound (16.695 g); the product, as recrystallized from (6/1) EtOH/ethyl acetate (tiny white needles, 13.61 g, 20.42 mmol, yield 76%).
*Yield (%) 76 %
*Type of Yield Isolated pure product
PhD Thesis - 16Sep2010_final p12.pdf
PhD Thesis - 16Sep2010_final p107-108.pdf
Further information Compound 6: 1,4-Didodecyl-2,5-diiodobenzene

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Reaction 7: Bidirectional Sonogashira Coupling: 1,4-didodecyl-2,5-bis(2-(trimethylsilyl)ethynyl)benzene

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PhD Thesis - 16Sep2010_final p107-108.pdf
reactionscheme_6 .cdx