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2nd September 2013 @ 09:27

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*#Reaction file
*Reaction file type CDX 
*Procedure Cinnamyl alcohol (26.84 g, 200 mmol), triethylorthoacetate (257 mL, 227 g, 14 mol) and propanoic acid (1 mL, 1.00 g, 13.4 mmol) were heated at 130 oC, with the distillation of the ethanol by product. After 26 hours, excess triethylorthoacetate was removed by distillation (100 oC, 1 mbar) producing the desired compound with an 81 % yield.
*Yield (%) 81
*Type of Yield Isolated Product Yield 

W. S. Johnson, L. Werthemann, W. R. Bartlett, T. J. Brocksom, T. T. Li, D. J. Faulkner, M. R. Petersen, J. Am. Chem. Soc. 1970, 92, 741.

D. J. Faulkner, Synthesis 1971, 175.

Further information Compound 318: Ethyl-(3-phenyl-pent-4-enoate)

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